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This site, like the content itself, was created for students and seekers from all Paths, including Theosophy and Esoteric Christianity, yet it also contains much of interest to the Hermeticist, the Kabbalist, and those who follow the hidden Path within any of the world's great religions. It focuses exclusively upon that portion of the Ageless Wisdom that was brought through by Alice A. Bailey, although her work necessarily incorporates much knowledge originally given by H.P. Blavatsky, and other student-teachers of the occult sciences.  This body of knowledge should be of use to all dedicated disciples and serious students, as well as to those who are just beginning to look into the rich and complex world of Theosophical concepts that underlie the esoteric roots of all sciences, religions and philosophies.

Alice A. Bailey is responsible for 24 books, written between 1919 and 1949, that comprise a large portion of that perennial philosophy or prisca theologia that we now refer to as the Ageless Wisdom.  The books were offered by a Master of the Wisdom to humanity without dogmatic or ecclesiastical constraints.  Many consider 21 of AAB's Blue Books, which together comprise over 14,000 pages, to be a follow-up to the teachings given through H.P. Blavatsky in the three volumes of The Secret Doctrine.

It is the sheer volume of valuable information provided through the Blue Books that prompted the creation of the Abridgments.  There is simply so much data that many students get overwhelmed, or do not have the time to work their way through the entire body of knowledge.  The Abridgments are available in print or pdf format.

The Overview collects and further abbreviates six of the Abridgments into a single volume that can be used as a textbook.  The Overview is available in print, pdf, online (html) or youtube videos.  The Book of Study Quizzes contains 900 questions and answers, and was created to be a helpful study aid for students making their way through the Overview. It is available to take online, or in Print and PDF formats.

The book of Collected Meditations contains 60 important meditations given by DK to specific students, and contains much in the way of meditative goals, forms and mantrams for the practicing student. It is available online, in print and PDF formats.

Please use the links above to access the books.  Further preliminary information can be found in the various Introductions used in the Overview, or you can view the entire Table of Contents.


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